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Turkey Green Valley Office

Style: Green Valley Style

Area: 850 sqm

Address: Turkey

Turkey Green Valley Office (10)

Project Introduction

We designed 850 square meters of workspace for Türkiye’s first life insurance company. The green valley office occupies the entire 16th floor of the Is Kuleler building in Istanbul’s Levent neighborhood. We adopted a biophilic approach and emphasized simplicity in furniture layout, material selection, and color palette. We wanted to create the impression of a green valley entering the workplace, so we installed a green wall at the entrance. Employees and visitors encounter greenery throughout the space, with potted plants in various rooms and shared areas.

One main task was to create an environment suitable for the hybrid working model that has become the standard. We ensured flexibility in zoning and layout with transparent, translucent, and open office systems. Movable partition walls allow employees to reconfigure areas according to their needs. Storage cupboards, wardrobes, kitchenettes, technical spaces, and private offices form the core of the floor plan, ensuring easy accessibility. To maximize natural sunlight, we used clear glass partitions for meeting rooms and alternative workspaces facing the facade windows.

Biophilic design concepts and the company’s corporate colors dominate the space. The color palette includes solid colors and gradients in meeting rooms, workspaces, and seating areas. Local artists created artwork using the company’s colors and the chosen design tones, placing them throughout the workspace. We carefully selected and mixed textures and finishes for walls, furniture, and decor. This includes laminates with sheet metal finishes, ceramic tiles in various sizes and textures, and carpets with local ornaments. These accents create visual and tactile interest, incorporating a variety of textures and rhythms throughout the design.

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