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Ultimate Dwelling Apartment

Style: Ultimate Style

Area: Reserved Power Points and Semi-Empty Two-Story

Address: China

18㎡ ultimate dwelling LOFT design (9)

Project Introduction

To balance quality and cost, we opted for a semi-empty two-story construction, enhancing space openness. The entrance area houses essential functions like the western kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobe, while work and leisure areas are integrated into the open space. The bedroom is primarily located on the second floor, ensuring dynamic and static partitioning.

Utilizing the ultimate loft, we installed large floor-to-ceiling windows to amplify natural light, fostering a harmonious living environment. The bay window provides a cozy spot for post-work relaxation and lazy reading.

Understanding diverse tenant needs, we accommodated a double sofa and power points in the work area. The second-floor bedroom features 5+5mm double-layer laminated tempered glass partitions, creating a spacious feel. The light Tiffany blue backdrop adds a refreshing touch, appealing to young tenants.

Despite its compact size, the bathroom effectively separates dry and wet areas. White checkered tiles and a large bathroom mirror enhance the sense of space. The three-stage ultimate loft design caters to busy mornings, while the shower area’s alternating gray and blue tiles maintain the Tiffany blue theme, ensuring a cohesive and organized design.

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