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US Villa Resort

Style: US Villa Style

Area:  The other two volumes of the complex, the caretaker’s and guest’s houses

Address: United States

Villa Resort and Hotel (12)

Project Introduction

The villa resort sits on a prime seaside terrain with a significant slope, which shapes the project’s planning. The complex consists of several volumes on different levels, creating a pleasant path to the sea. At the water’s edge, there is a pier and a wooden deck for boats. The main volume, housing the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen, is designed so all rooms share the same view. Extending from this volume, a large exterior deck leads to an infinity pool, the home’s primary social area and an ideal spot to watch the sunset. Glass walls and large bi-fold doors provide each room with varying degrees of privacy.

To make the best use of all floors, the upper floor slab, initially a useless space, was transformed into another social area with vegetation. A metal walkway connects the main car entrance to the roof, and this passage becomes a staircase leading to the main entrance on the lower level. The villa resort features a minimalist design, using just three materials: concrete, wood, and glass. The caretaker’s and guest houses, part of the complex, follow the same simplicity principles and enjoy the same sea views while ensuring privacy for each residence.

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