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Vietnam Split-Level Villa

Style: Split-Level Style

Area: 450㎡

Address: Vietnam

Vietnam split-level villa (24)

Project Introduction

The design team used a layered approach to divide the split level villa into two parts, creating privacy and optimizing the entrance space. Since there is a lot of activity and movement in this area, each balcony and set of stairs was specially customized. The difference between each floor maximizes space utilization and avoids repeated walking. Each room features an outward-built red brick balcony, which acts as a giant flower pot, allowing greenery to cover the interior and create a comfortable, stress-free home environment.

T-house, known for its “hidden entrance” feature, was designed for a three-generation family. Located at a T-junction in Sai Kung, the split level villa has a thick hedge layer to block unwanted street noise, while wooden panel walls cleverly hide the door system. The house sits between two different yards, creating extra frontage for family activities outside.

Prioritizing personal privacy, the design excludes patios or voids within the house, bringing all communal spaces outside. The living room, kitchen, and library open to the main courtyard and balcony on the left side of the house, fostering ecological interaction.

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