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 Wood Color Apartment

Style: Wood Color Style

Area: Bay Window Reading Area, Shared Living Areas, Tea Chat Area, Open Dining and Kitchen Area

Address: China

Wood Color Apartment-kitchen cabinet

Project Introduction

This wood apartment involves crafting a cozy living environment for a family of three in a 100-square-meter loft with a height of 4.6 meters. We aim to incorporate simple yet elegant elements as the main theme, emphasizing seamless integration of spaces to achieve a unified, textured, and warm ambiance. The overall style strikes a harmonious balance and maintains a pleasing level of cleanliness, not just superficially, but in its essence.

The space encompasses both public and private areas. Public zones include the living room, bay window reading nook, tea chat area, and open dining and kitchen space. White walls and natural wood tones dominate, fostering a relaxed atmosphere and creating a sense of spaciousness. The TV background in the living room, adorned with white geometric patterns, adds rhythm and order to the linear layout.

The open kitchen boasts a simple and elegant design with a predominant palette of white and black. Natural stone panels and thick wooden countertops elevate the aesthetic appeal of the island. To maintain visual purity, large appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners are discreetly concealed.

Private quarters consist of the master bedroom, study, storage area, and bathroom on the first floor, and the children’s bedroom on the second floor. The master bedroom is not only secluded but also meticulously organized. Each functional zone seamlessly flows into the next, eliminating any unnecessary clutter. The wood apartment design exudes a sense of three-dimensional harmony, with minimal top corners and skirting lines for smoother transitions. The staircase, besides connecting the floors, optimizes storage space effectively.

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