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Meijie.Yunhu Courtyard

Style: Modern style

Area: Rooms, Courtyard, Hallway, Restaurant

Address: Jiangsu, China

Meijie.Yunhu Courtyard-1

Project Introduction

Meijie Yunhu Courtyard is located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, on a hillside adjacent to the Yunhu embankment. The building was originally an idle enclosed office building. Due to its unique location adjacent to the scenic spot, the owner hopes to transform it into a boutique holiday B&B to promote the development of local tourism.

During the on-site inspection, the design team found that there are very beautiful natural conditions around the building, not only the lake view and mountains in the distance, but also the lush trees and green plants nearby. However, the space of the original building is relatively closed and is not well integrated with the outdoor landscape. In order to allow vacationing guests to experience more nature and landscape, and have a more relaxing physical and mental experience, the designer has made special treatments at the interface between the indoor space and the outdoor landscape.

The design opens up part of the corridor area and turns it into a semi-outdoor corridor, allowing people to freely enter the inner courtyard; in addition, the openings on the exterior walls are oriented in various forms according to the landscape and site characteristics, such as horizontal Long windows, square windows, hollow openings, etc. allow the landscape and sunlight to enter the building in different ways; at the same time, each guest room is given a balcony wide enough so that guests can take a bath and drink tea on the balcony. Feel the trees, sunlight and air up close.

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