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Resort Solutions

We are a well-known company specializing in the supply of building materials. For resort projects, we have launched a one-stop full-case service. Resort construction has high requirements for the quality and design of building materials. Therefore, we strictly control the quality of each batch of building materials to ensure that they are both durable and beautiful, and can be perfectly integrated into the natural environment of the resort.

In addition to supplying high-quality building materials, we also have an experienced and creative design team. They have an in-depth understanding of each customer’s needs, combine the geographical environment and cultural characteristics of the resort, and tailor-make practical and unique design solutions for customers.

Choose our one-stop full-case service, and you will enjoy all-round services from building material supply, design and planning to construction coordination. Throughout the entire project cycle, we will track and provide attentive services to ensure that the project is completed on time and with quality, so that you do not need to worry about any details.

What We Offer

Hotel Interior Design

Personalized Design

The interesting soul is unique, this is our understanding of the resort. We will tailor a unique and creative design plan for you, from the architectural appearance to the interior decoration, we strive to give travelers a brand new experience.

project management

Project Management

The building materials for the resort project involve multiple spaces and multiple categories, which is quite complicated to coordinate. We coordinate the work of various links and suppliers, so you no longer need to worry about cumbersome projects.


Building Materials Supply

We integrate the high-quality building materials supply chain to provide you with a variety of high-quality building material choices. Whether it is indoor or outdoor materials, we ensure that they comply with national standards.


Cooperation Process


Step 1. Preliminary Assessment

First, we will have an in-depth communication with you to understand your specific needs, expectations and budget for the resort project. And make a preliminary assessment based on the information you provide to determine the feasibility and approximate scale of the project.

Step 2. Plan Confirmation

The design team conducts detailed architectural and interior design based on the drawings, and produces design drawings and renderings. You can review the design plan and propose modifications.

Step 3. Project Quotations

The business team will make a quotation based on your confirmed design plan and list the products for all spaces. You can make modifications according to the budget and provide valuable opinions.

resort project cooperation process
resort project cooperation process


Step 4. Contract and payment

After the quotation is confirmed and there are no objections, we will discuss the contract together and clarify the service scope, price, construction period, payment method, etc.

Step 5. Goods Production

After the contract is signed, we will place an order with the factory and track the production progress throughout the process, coordinate the work of the suppliers, and provide you with timely feedback. So that you can clearly know the progress of the project at home.

Step 6. Inspection and Transportation

After the production is completed, we arrange the freight forwarder to carry out customs declaration, shipping and other logistics procedures, so that the goods arrive at your destination port on time and with high quality.


Global Resort Clients

Completing a resort project is no easy task

Planning and building a resort project is no easy task. It involves many links and details. Especially when comparing various suppliers and designing plans, a lot of energy will be expended. But it is the collaboration of these efforts that ensures the success and quality of the resort project.

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Why Choose George

Complete Range, One Stop Shop

Our one-stop purchasing service covers all types of building materials products, including ceramic tiles, bathroom supplies, doors and windows, cabinets, furniture, soft furnishings, stones, stairs, floors, etc. Everything the resort needs can be found at Georgeintl.

Excellent Quality, Source Control

We have established a complete product supply chain and established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many building materials manufacturers. We purchase directly from the source to ensure that every building materials product meets relevant standards and customer requirements.

Transparent Prices, High Cost Performance

We provide a clear and transparent price system so that customers can understand the prices of various building materials products at a glance. Because we adopt centralized procurement and large-scale management, we can effectively reduce procurement costs and therefore be able to provide you with more competitive prices.

Professional Consultation, Tailor Made

We have a professional team of building materials consultants who can provide customized building materials solutions based on your specific needs and project characteristics. Whether it is project budget control, material selection or construction suggestions, we can provide professional consultation and advice to help. You better achieve project goals.


Anywhere is Fine

No matter which mysterious and charming corner of the earth the resort is located.
Our one-stop service can accurately position you like an explorer, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free global treasure hunting trip.

Clients all around the world


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