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Service Process

As a one-stop building materials supplier, George International understands how complex and time-consuming every project can be, requiring coordination among multiple suppliers and contractors. That’s why we offer you a one-stop shop, streamlining the process and reducing the hassle of finding and coordinating individual suppliers.

The one-stop service process allows our customers to not only save costs, but also purchase all necessary materials and equipment directly from trusted suppliers. George International is able to provide you with competitive prices and provide you with worry-free experience.

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comprehensive one-stop service process

Designed to ensure our clients receive the highest level of support and quality throughout their projects.


Start with a consultation to discuss our clients’ specific needs and requirements, including budget, timeline, and any unique challenges or constraints.

discuss solutions with customers

Interior Design

A team of engineers with many years of experience in project implementation will work with you to design a custom engineering solution. 

Whether it is a hotel, resort, hospital or apartment, it meets your needs and fits your budget and schedule. We will provide detailed plans and drawings, as well as cost estimates.

georgeintl design service


Sustainability is prioritized during production, using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible and minimizing waste through efficient manufacturing processes.

Our products are designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint of our customers’ operations, and save costs over time.


Packaging & Logistics

Our packaging and logistics team is composed of experienced professionals, dedicated to ensuring that your hotel supplies arrive at their destination safely and securely. 

They understand the unique challenges and requirements of shipping fragile items and use their expertise to create a custom packaging solution for each order.

Logistics​ and package

Installation Instructions

The after-sales team will provide you with all-round installation guidance, complete the installation work quickly and efficiently, and minimize interference to your operation.

We will coordinate with other contractors or arrange personnel for on-site installation as needed to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process.

At every step of the process, we prioritize communication, transparency and collaboration to ensure you are completely satisfied with our solutions and services. By providing a one-stop service process, we are able to simplify the engineering process for you and provide a comprehensive solution for all your needs.