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Seven Essential Things that Make a Good Hotel Room Become

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A plethora of factors make up the efficiency and quality of a good hotel room. Hospitality businesses are prized by the quality of their rooms, which can be visualized as the threshold that distinguishes a high-quality hotel from the mediocre.

Over the years, guests have drawn their preferences from the hotel room quality they saw online while searching for the best hotel to lodge while traveling.

This advertisement mechanism relies solely on each hotel room’s essential things and features, ranging from bedding, modern amenities, well-equipped bathrooms, and others. This article delves into the factors and things that make a good hotel room great. 

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Comfortable Bedding

Hotel bedding

Hotel bedding is the hallmark of the guest experience and can be viewed as one of the transformative things that gives the vibe of greatness to a hotel room.

There is an element of absoluteness about hotel bedding that necessitates it being fluffy, comfortable, and well-supported. The following aspects of comfortable bedding take your hotel room from an excellent standard to a more fantastic realm. 

High-quality mattress

Every hotel mattress must excel at providing an after-touch to ease the physical discomfort that each guest might come in with. Comfort is vital to the guest experience, especially those coming from a king journey.

Hybrid spring, latex, or memory foam are the transformative secret that uplifts every hotel bedding.

These mattresses are made from world-class materials that provide excellent pressure relief, maintain spinal alignment, ease key pressure spots, and provide support you can’t find in your home or an ordinary hotel. 

Premium pillows and linens

Pillows and bed lines are the most common option that forms the component of hotel bedding. These key components are essential to provide guests with an immersive sleeping experience.

Premium pillows are manufactured in such a way that they are great at providing guests with their specific needs regarding their sleeping position. The scope behind quality bed linen is rated based on their thread count.

A quality bed linen is known by how high the thread count is. Therefore, most top luxury hotels strive to achieve around 400 thread count to achieve the comfort and quality they want. 

Proper bed size

Although the hotel can have varied beds, this doesn’t negate the importance of a well-defined bed size that exudes the feeling of luxury within the hotel room.

No magic formula determines the caliber of guests walking into the room. However, an ideal bed size is manufactured to fit into the perspective of a great hotel room.

In most cases, the king-sized bed is the most preferred size by guests looking for that luxurious feel. Couples or solo travelers mostly request queen or twin-sized beds. 

If you don’t know what size beds do hotels use, you can click to read this article.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

There’s no hidden place for a dirt hotel room. A well-cleaned and hygienic hotel room is an important detail that must be satisfied.

Cleanliness standard

Cleanliness standard is an all-around endeavor that must be sustained in the bed linen, bathrooms, and other room spaces to create an impression of newness in the guest’s mind.

This essential part makes a positive impression on the hotel and promotes the hotel’s quality from good to great. 

Regular housekeeping

Regular housekeeping in a hotel room includes timely cleaning of the hotel room immediately when the guest exits the hotel room. This is an established practice that must be carried out daily to sustain the pristine condition of the hotel room fixtures.

The housekeeping staff plays a critical role in effecting the hotel policy on cleanliness and housekeeping. They are responsible for replacing used toiletries and towels and removing any dust or debris the guest might leave behind. 

Well-maintained bathroom

A study by researchers from the British Institute of Hospitality found that more than 71% of guests would walk away from a hotel room if the bathroom were uncleaned.

This paints the perfect picture of the importance of a well-maintained bathroom. Every guest wants a spotless bathroom with sparkling amenities.

Therefore, a high-standard hotel bathroom looks tidy with appropriate racks, features high-quality faucets, and has proper ventilation that stops mold accumulation. 

Functional Layout

Most hotel managers and administrators underestimate the importance of functional hotel room layouts. How hotel rooms are arranged has a core significance on the rating and guest satisfaction. Here are the available forms that transform hotel rooms from good to great. 

hotel managers

Efficient use of space

Space utilization is a great way of harmonizing the beauty of the hotel room together with the exceptional creation of openness.

The primary function of hotel rooms is to create space and convenience; the mediocre placement of furniture and other amenities would forfeit this.

For instance, the awkward positioning of the bed would ruin the general perception of the entire hotel space, which in turn set the hotel back in the pecking order. 

Practical furniture placement

The guest’s step in furniture placement is to consider the hotel room’s functioning.

For instance, business travelers who usually use spacious work areas and ample lighting fixtures are a different ballgame from those who come for ordinary vacations and only need storage racks and comfortable seating furniture for convenience.

Therefore, hotel owners and managers should emphasize these facts in furniture placement. 

Modern Amenities

Modern amenities are becoming staple components that make guests comfortable and more convenient. These fixtures include free internet access, entertainment outlets, and good lighting fixtures.

In-room climate control and others that are provided free of charge. The following are the essential modern amenities that can enhance hotel room quality. 

High-speed Wi-Fi

We are in a digital age where high-speed Wi-Fi has become necessary in hotel rooms. This is beyond the room basics of bathrooms and clean-safe spaces.

Guests often rely on the hotel room bandwidth to surf the internet for entertainment or business purposes. Any lag or slow internet connection is a red flag that can damage the hotel’s reputation and ruin guests’ stay. 

Flat-screen TV and entertainment options

Assuming you enter a hotel room without any entertainment option like a flat-screen TV. This is an imagination that no guest would even entertain. The world we live in right now is clustered and stressful.

Therefore, screen TV with Netflix or other streaming services is an excellent idea for guest to catch up on their favorite shows and watch movies. 

Scenic Views and Ambience 

Scenic hotel views have been a quality addition to hotel rooms since immemorial. This critical piece is a cheat code that transforms the hotel room from the basic level to a more luxurious version.

This is a natural and decorative phenomenon that every hotel manager should strive to achieve for their hotel room. You can start by carefully considering the best possible location that gives a picturesque landscape.

Additionally, the hotel room decorative element needs to feature the highest level piece that can be used to create a lasting memory for the guest.

In recent years, there has been more emphasis on lighting fixtures that can be changed and adjusted to suit the guest’s preference. This mood-brightening effect can uplift a dormant mood with just one of the many preset lighting options.

Lastly, soundproofing features are another essential element that ensures guests can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil stay without being disturbed by the hustling and bustling of the outside environment or the nearby hotel room. 

Well-Equipped Bathroom

A well-designed and equipped bathroom is a brilliant way to influence customer experience. The bathroom has become a place of solitude where guests can decompress from a stressful journey and prepare for the day.

This vital part of the hotel tool requires luxurious and grand materials to make a great hotel room. The following are the key elements to attain this illustrious level. 

Hotel Room Become

Rainfall showerhead or luxurious bathtub

Rainfall showerhead is the new bride in the league of showerhead. This shower provided a stimulating experience that would mostly be the difference between a good and a great hot room.

Rainfall shower heads offer a generous surface that features steady and even flowing water that drips like rain.

On the other hand, a deep-soaked bathtub can be used in place of a rainfall showerhead to give a spa-like treatment and an ample water supply to enhance the luxurious feel and quality of the showering experience. 

Quality toiletries and towels

Although hotel towels are made from different materials with varying characteristics, the most important features that stand out are the unique towels ade’ softness and absorbency level.

5 Star hotel establishments most often go for towels with 400 to 700 GSM level that offer a high degree of plushness and kindest to the skin of the guest.

A luxurious hotel bathroom must also feature toiletries and bath products such as shampoo, body lotions, soaps, conditioners, etc. All these are the critical differences between a good hotel room and a great one. 

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is a broad spectrum of worker-class processes that set a good hotel room apart from a great one.

These variables include a personalized approach to guest experience, high-quality management skills, attention to heat feedback, and provision of other thoughtful hotel room amenities.

Guests are kings, and paying more attention to their personal needs and how you make them feel valued will set your heart; apart.

For instance, a cheeky welcome note on the hotel bed can brighten the guest’s mood, or complimentary concierge services enhance the guest experience.

This is not all; the convenience of every guest lies in the hands of the hotel room services. You can provide guests with a well-stocked minibar and complimentary items like bottled water or in-room coffee makers that give them the luxury vibes they can’t resist.

These are the healthy, thought-out critical attributes and details that can easily rank a hotel room among the elite. 


A great hotel room is a well-crafted masterpiece that offers a brilliant experience through captivating scenery, attention to detail, world-class bathroom design and fixtures, high-quality mattresses, and other unique accessories.

As a hotelier, you aim to implement your hotel rooms with well-defined things that make a good hotel room great. In doing so, George Intl is your perfect partner in achieving such a level.

George Intl hosts a series of affordable and world-class hotel room accessories that will transform your hotel room from good to great and give your guests a feel of luxury. 

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