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We undertake customized staircases for various construction projects. We offer affordable prices and high quality.
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Our stair customization service aims to create a unique and personalized stair design for our clients. We are good at maintaining close communication with you, deeply understanding your needs and expectations, and tailoring the most suitable staircase design for you. Whether it’s a family home, a luxury hotel, a resort, or a builder’s project of all kinds, we have a wealth of experience and success stories.

For nearly 20 years, we have supplied the highest quality custom staircases to construction projects around the world. A team of skilled craftsmen carefully build each railing and fitting, ensuring every detail is to a perfect standard. We are committed to creating high-quality, safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing stairs for every customer, so that their projects will be better because of us.

When you choose us, you choose a staircase expert who truly understands your needs, has extensive experience, and has superb skills.



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Deep Customization Services

We provide in-depth customized services from staircase design to cabinet production and installation, and also provide professional space planning suggestions to ensure the perfect integration of stairs and space.

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Global Project Experience

We have global project experience and have the foundation to provide customized staircase services for customers around the world, integrating different regional cultures and elements into staircase design.

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Personalized Interaction

Provide design previews, 3D renderings, etc., allowing you to have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the design and effect of the stairs during the customization process, and allow designers to communicate with you one-on-one on design needs.

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Price and Quality Advantages

The economies of scale and efficient production processes of China's manufacturing industry allow us to produce high-quality customized stairs at a lower cost. The long tradition of craftsmanship and strict quality standards allow each staircase to meet customer expectations and requirements.

Why Choose a Quality
Staircase Manufacturer

Materials and Quality Control

The selection and quality control of materials are very strict. During the production process, stairs will undergo multiple quality inspections, including material performance, structural dimensions, and appearance quality.

Craftsmanship and Details

Advanced technology and equipment ensure that the handrails, treads, and connectors of the stairs are carefully polished and processed. Improve the structure and service life of stairs.

Brand Reputation and Trust

We focus on customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth communication, and win the trust and support of customers through high-quality products and services. There are our customer cases all over the world, this is the best publicity.

Design and Innovation Capabilities

The professional design team and innovation ability not only focus on the practicality and function of the stairs, but also continuously improve the design concept and product series.

How to Find Quality Stairs Manufacturer in China

Can you find a custom staircase manufacturer in China?

More and more foreign friends come to China to purchase building materials for projects. Regardless of whether they have purchasing experience in China, most of them choose Guangdong as their first choice. Guangdong is located in the southern coastal area of China, among which Foshan, Guangdong is the most famous. 

It is one of the manufacturing cities. It is adjacent to international cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions. It is very suitable for your visit whether it is business negotiations or travel and vacation. 

The process of globalization continues to deepen, and under the overall environment, China has become a global manufacturing center. The perfect supply chain and continuously inherited process technology allow customers from all over the world to obtain high-quality and low-cost customized stairs here. 

Whether it is Suspended stairs, spiral stairs, curved stairs, or other types of stairs you want to customize, George Intl can provide you with customized services

how to find quality stair manufacturer
how to find quality stair manufacturer
Why choose from Foshan

Foshan is a famous home building materials production base in China, with a complete industrial chain and rich production resources. Stair manufacturing has always had a good development foundation and product cluster effect in Foshan. 

Many stair manufacturers gather in Foshan, so that you can Foshan customized stairs get more choices and better prices. A variety of high-quality wood, metal, glass and other materials, these materials are important foundations for manufacturing high-quality stairs. Reduce logistics transportation between various suppliers, while It also means your stair costs are reduced too. 

If you have no purchasing experience in China, I think you also need to find a manufacturer with many years of experience in international trade, such as George Intl. 

We can provide you with a series of foreign trade services, and based on your situation, we recommend that you choose different Trade terms, such as CIF, FOB, etc., allowing you to worry-free and pick up our stunning custom staircases at your designated port.

Prepare in advance

Before implementing the staircase plan, you need to let us know whether the stairs will be used for domestic residences, commercial spaces or other types of buildings, as well as the installation location of the stairs, which will affect the size and shape of the stairs. We need to consider the location of the upper and lower entrances of the stairs, the width of the door opening and the possible turning radius, as well as the style and material of the stairs you want.

In fact, it is not difficult to find a high-quality customized staircase manufacturer in China. The most important thing is whether their service can satisfy you. This is a challenge that spans cultures and space constraints, and we never tire of it.

Suitable For Your Project

Staircase Cases

Custom Staircase FAQs

If you find that you have additional questions or require further consultation, we are always ready to answer your questions.
We know that stairs are an important part of home decoration, and their quality and design are directly related to your living experience and comfort.

Under normal circumstances, custom staircases cannot be quoted in advance because there are too many factors that determine the price:

Material: The material of the stairs is one of the main factors that affects the price. The prices of stairs of different materials vary greatly, such as solid wood, steel, glass, stone, etc. Among them, the price of solid wood stairs is usually higher, while steel stairs are relatively more economical.

Size: The size of the stairs is also an important factor that affects the price. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the staircase, the more materials required and the higher the price. In addition, the corners and platforms of the stairs will also increase the complexity of customization, thus affecting the price.

Craftsmanship: The craftsmanship of the staircase will also affect the price. Different processes have different complexities and costs, and prices vary. For example, some high-end custom staircases may use complex carving, inlay and other processes, and the price will increase accordingly.

Customization needs: Everyone’s customization needs are different, which will also affect the price of the stairs. For example, some customers may require special handrail designs, lighting effects, etc., which will increase the complexity and cost of customization.

Therefore, it is impossible to give a specific price for custom staircases. If you need customized stairs, it is recommended that you communicate with our sales team to clarify your needs and budget before we can provide you with a rough quotation.

We are a staircase manufacturer located in China, and we currently have no working locations abroad. Therefore, under normal circumstances, you only need to provide us with space drawings or design drawings, and we can have a designer produce a customized staircase rendering for you, which will also include Stay in touch with you about materials, sizes, pedal options, etc. 

But if your project is relatively large and you need additional building materials items, we can also send special personnel to your location to negotiate and measure the project.

It is of course possible to purchase prefabricated stairs. Prefabricated stairs have the following advantages:

High processing accuracy: It is produced under factory equipment, so the processing accuracy is better guaranteed, making the subsequent construction process faster and easier.

Fast installation: After the factory production is completed, it only needs to be transported to the site for assembly, which greatly reduces the on-site production time and installation difficulty.

Good structural stability: The detailed design of the treads, handrails and supporting components of prefabricated stairs has very mature technology, which can ensure the stability and safety of the stairs.

Unified specifications: Because they are produced in batches, the specifications are relatively uniform, which is more convenient during the construction process, can improve construction efficiency, and reduce waste.

Prefabricated stairs are also a high-quality staircase choice, and they can also bring you a lot of convenience. But it is more special to add to your architectural space, or you may have your own needs. Maybe choosing customized stairs is a better choice

Stair Tread Options

Stair treads come in a variety of materials, styles, and designs. Common materials include solid wood, stone, glass, metal, etc. Each material has its own unique texture and style.

Solid wood pedals: natural and beautiful, warm texture, suitable for various home styles. Depending on the tree species, the color and texture will vary.
Stone treads: such as marble, granite, etc., are durable and have a grand appearance, suitable for modern simple or luxurious style homes.
Glass Treads: Transparent or translucent, bring lightness to a space and are suitable for modern or industrial style homes.
Metal pedals: such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., are sturdy and easy to clean, suitable for commercial or industrial environments.

Stair treads can also be customized

Custom pedals can meet your individual needs in terms of material, size, shape, color, surface treatment and more.

Material customization: Customers can choose their favorite materials, or combine multiple materials to create unique visual effects.
Size customization: According to the overall size and space layout of the stair, customize the appropriate tread size to ensure the comfort and safety of the stair.
Shape customization: In addition to the common rectangular treads, circular, oval or other irregular-shaped treads can also be customized to increase the artistry and design of the stairs.
Color customization: Customize the color of the treads according to the overall tone and style of the home to coordinate the stairs with the overall environment.
Surface treatment customization: Special treatments are performed on the pedal surface, such as anti-skid treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, decorative treatment, etc., to meet different use needs.

There are also some cheap ways to renovate your stairs, and we have some tips:

Repaint or Stain: If your existing staircase is structurally sound, simply repaint or restain the wood to give it a new look. Choose a cost-effective paint or stain that matches your home decor.

DIY Repairs: Identify any loose or damaged parts and repair them yourself. This might include tightening loose handrails, replacing worn carpet treads, or repairing squeaky stairs.

Reuse materials: If possible, reuse existing materials. For example, if the carpeted treads on your stairs have become worn, consider replacing them with wooden treads, which you can paint or stain to match the look you want.

Shop around: Compare prices for materials and supplies at different stores or online. You may find better deals or discounts to help you save money.

Update Hardware: Small hardware upgrades, such as new handrail brackets or railings, can make your stairs look more modern without breaking the bank.

Lighting: Add simple yet effective lighting to illuminate your stairs. This can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space.

Yes, railings and handrails can be customized. Custom railings and handrails allow you to achieve a unique look that perfectly matches the style and design of your home.

Material options: There are a variety of materials to choose from, including wood, metal, glass or composites. Different materials have different aesthetics, durability and maintenance requirements.

Style and Design: Work with a designer or manufacturer to create a custom style and design for your railings and handrails. This may include custom shapes, patterns, finishes and details.

Size & Height: Customize the size and height of railings and handrails to perfectly fit your stairs. This ensures a safe and comfortable hold for the user.

Finishes and coatings: Choose a finish or coating that complements your home’s décor and provides the desired level of durability and maintenance. Options include paints, stains, varnishes and powder coatings.

Extras: Add custom features to your railings and handrails, such as lighting, decorative elements or safety glass. These additions can enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your staircase.

Personalized customization: The future staircase market will pay more attention to the individual needs of consumers and provide diversified design solutions and customized services to meet the unique tastes and needs of different consumers.

Improved level of intelligence: Stairs in the future will have higher product quality and technological level, such as intelligent sensor lighting, safety monitoring and other functions, providing consumers with a more convenient and safer experience.

Diversification of materials and designs: In addition to traditional solid wood, stone, metal and other materials, new materials such as glass and composite materials have also appeared. At the same time, stair design also shows a diversified trend, such as suspended stairs, linear stairs, spiral stairs, etc., to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers.

Space utilization and functional expansion: The space under the stairs has also been fully utilized, becoming a new highlight in home design. For example, the stairwell can be transformed into a sideboard, bar, bookcase, leisure area, etc. to achieve multi-functional use of the space.

Green and environmentally friendly: Use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to reduce the environmental pollution of stair products, while improving the service life and recyclability of the product.

Yes, we are honored to provide you with customized outdoor staircase services.

When customizing outdoor stairs, we will first communicate with you in detail to understand the outdoor environment and staircase layout. Then we will provide customers with professional suggestions and design plans based on your budget, site conditions, decoration style and other factors. If you are willing, we can also provide you with design renderings to let you know the actual effect of the stairs in advance.

The slope design of the stairs is a very important link in the construction of the stairs, which directly affects the comfort, safety and efficiency of the stairs. The design must follow the principles of safety, comfort and economy to ensure that the slope is within an appropriate range and is neither too steep nor too gentle.

It is generally recommended that the slope of the stairs is about 30 degrees. This angle not only ensures walking comfort, but also conforms to ergonomic principles. The specific slope can be adjusted according to the place of use, building regulations and ergonomic principles, including adjusting the size of the steps, optimizing the shape and structure of the stairs, and introducing anti-slip measures to ensure the safety and comfort of the stairs.

The height standard of stair handrails is mainly based on the place of use and safety considerations. For indoor stairs, the height of the handrail is usually not less than 0.9 meters to ensure comfort and stability when walking; if the length of the handrail exceeds 0.5 meters, the height should be not less than 1 meter.

The height standard of outdoor stair handrails is usually not less than 1.05 meters to cope with various risk factors that may be brought about by the outdoor environment. In high-rise and mid-rise residential buildings, if the air height is greater than 24 meters, the handrail height should be greater than 1.1 meters to increase safety.

In addition, the design of stair handrails also needs to consider factors such as width, material and installation location to ensure that they are strong, durable and non-slip. These standards are designed to provide people with a safe and comfortable experience when using stairs.

Stair lighting design is the key to ensuring safe and comfortable use of stairs. 

Choose the right light fixture: 

Wall lights: Installed on the side of the stairs or above the handrails to provide direct lighting to ensure that every step of the stairs can be illuminated. 

Downlights or spotlights: Installed on the ceiling or on the side of stairs to provide indirect lighting and create a soft atmosphere. 

Chandeliers: If you have enough space above the stairs, consider installing a chandelier to provide both lighting and decoration. 

LED light strips: Install LED light strips under stair treads or handrails to provide soft indirect lighting while creating a romantic or modern atmosphere. 

Determine the location and number of light sources: Determine the location and number of light sources based on the size and shape of the staircase. Make sure the light source is evenly distributed and avoid shadows or dark areas. 

Consider light color and brightness: Choose the right light and brightness to ensure there is enough brightness in the stair area while avoiding harsh or overly bright light. You can choose light sources with different color temperatures according to your needs, such as warm white or neutral white. 

Energy saving and environmental protection: When choosing lamps, consider their energy efficiency and environmental protection performance. Choose energy-efficient lamps such as LED to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

Smart controls: Consider using smart lighting control systems that automatically adjust light brightness and color based on time and demand. 

Safety design: ensure the safety and reliability of lamps and power supplies. Avoid exposed wires and sockets and ensure the fixture is waterproof and dustproof. 

Consider maintenance and cleaning: Choose fixtures and lighting systems that are easy to maintain and clean. Regularly check and replace light bulbs or light tubes to ensure the normal operation of the lighting system.

During the design stage, the designer will calculate the load-bearing capacity of the staircase based on factors such as the staircase’s use requirements, span, support structure, and selected materials. Common stair materials include wood, stone, metal, etc. The load-bearing capacity of different materials also varies.

In addition, the structural form of the staircase will also affect its load-bearing capacity. For example, a straight ladder may have different weight capacity than a curved ladder. The load-bearing capacity of straight ladders is relatively stable, while curved ladders need to consider more factors, such as the radius of the curve, the width of the stairs, etc.

In addition, the way the stairs are supported and fixed is also an important factor affecting their load-bearing capacity. If a staircase is not supported and fastened securely enough, its load-bearing capacity will be reduced accordingly.

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