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Supply System

Rich Product Range

Build your dream building with a dizzying selection of products, from building materials to bedding. GEORGE INT’L not only supplies furniture, customized cabinets, doors and windows.

We also thoughtfully prepare building materials products such as tiles, stone, bathroom fixtures, stairs, and lighting for you. The purpose is to provide you with more convenient and comprehensive building materials solutions.

Quality Control

George International has set up different departments responsible for different products, from material selection to final inspection. We promise you that each product category is handled by experts who are specifically immersed in the industry.

After production is completed, professional team members are arranged for quality control and always give you real feedback to ensure the highest quality products.

Cost Effectiveness

Instead of sourcing through multiple suppliers, you can consolidate all your orders and benefit from economies of scale.

Not only does this reduce shipping costs, our efficient inventory management minimizes excess inventory and associated costs, through our streamlined supply system, you can save costs while enjoying high-quality hotel supplies.


GEORGE INT’L’s supply system is designed to simplify the procurement process, reduce comparisons between different suppliers of different products, and provide streamlined and efficient services to buyers around the world.

By offering a range of building products under one roof, our customers save valuable time and effort by not having to work with suppliers in various locations.

A strong resource network and efficient logistics enable us to shorten lead times and deliver products in a timely manner. Meet your construction project’s building material product supply needs easily and efficiently.


What can we do for you?

We just want to provide you with quality-guaranteed products and considerate services that satisfy you.