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What to do with Hotel Furniture when Renovating

Hotel Furniture

Hotel renovation is an exhilarating experience that gives a fresh look to the functionality, aesthetic, and the comfort part of the business. The buzz surrounding the occasional renovation of a hotel is prideful and relishing endeavor but comes with inundating thought of what to do with the existing hotel furniture when renovating.

It’s a general knowledge that hotels have hundreds of rooms and many common areas, which means a massive amount of existing furniture requires decisive actions to be taken during renovation. However, the process of hotel renovations comes with puzzling questions for various hoteliers: What to do with hotel furniture when renovating?

This pressing question requires a tactful answer to solve. Most hoteliers have been looking at a more creative approach to solving the issues of misappropriate handling of existing hotel furniture. In their bid to arrest this situation in a more environmentally viable and economic sense, most of them have embraced the progressive thinking sustainable approach and creative ideas that contribute to the environment and bring widespread applause to the hotel’s brand.

Against this backdrop, we are delving into the broader context of the exceptional handling and uses of hotel furniture when renovating.  

Donation and Local Charity Partnerships 

Donating used hotel furniture to verified charitable organizations is one of the most sustainable and heartwarming ways of managing hotel furniture during renovation. This is a win-win situation for the hotel and these organizations. Various nonprofit shelter homes and community centres have compelling uses for such furniture to support those in need.

This gesture can be seen as an outstanding way to give back to society by providing people in need with the all-important essential items that will raise their living standards. Additionally, donating used furniture to charity also saves the cost of moving and disposing of the used furniture since many charities organisation will pick up the furniture themselves.

Another benefit of this form of partnership with a local charity organisation is the classic reinvigoration of the hotel’s image in the face of the public. When you donate used hotel furniture to a charity, you are increasing your brand value by virtue of the positive cause. This enhances the hotel’s image in front of the people and also attracts more customers

Furniture Reselling 

Another reasonable option to solve the problem of what to do with hotel furniture when renovating is to resell the furniture. This can be done in so many ways, such as collaborating with second-hand furniture stores, e-commerce platforms, or consignment stores. To make a reasonable price off the furniture, you have to ensure that the furniture is well-cleaned and in good condition. Click here to know how to clean the furniture.

Additional work like fixing the worn-out part, removing the stains, and reupholstering the fabrics also increase the selling price. If you choose to sell them online or at a consignment store, you need to take a display picture of the furniture under clear light to showcase their current status to buyers.

The pricing should be at the current market value, which is a direct correlation with the condition of the furniture. Hotel Furniture reselling comes with a lot of benefits, including reducing landfill waste and, most importantly, generating revenue that can be reinvested into the hotel renovation project. 


Upcycling hotel furniture is a creative endeavor that involves the total transformation of old furniture into something modern and unique for other uses. This can be accomplished by reinventing old furniture materials into something intriguing either by changing its shape or simply giving the furniture a fresh coat of paint.

For instance, you can upcycle a wooden panel from an old headboard into a wall-mounted coat rack. Also, you can turn hotel chairs into flowering plant stand or walkway seating. The process of getting this process done can vary depending on the furniture and the desired outcome. However, there are some fundamentals that need to be followed.

Firstly, you need to assess the hotel furniture to determine whether it is worthy of upcycling. You then decide on a specific outcome with the appropriate conviction of how you want the upcycled furniture to look. And lastly, gather the necessary materials and start upcycling to your taste. Upcycling is a great way to save costs and give your hotel a new look while being environmentally friendly.

Local Arts Installations 

Repurposing old hotel furniture to local art installations as part of the hotel renovation process is a captivating and rewarding idea. This is done in collaboration with local artists who infuse their artistic vision to bring a unique and creative touch of art out of the hotel furniture. This brilliant art installation relies on the specific furniture and artistic brilliance.

The first step to achieve this is to assess the furniture to be repurposed, which is done to ascertain its usability and to suggest a correct form of remediation for any form of defect. This is followed by creating a design format that aligns with the specific piece of furniture and its aesthetic fit for the art gallery.

Once the design has been finalized, the artist springs to action by transforming the furniture into art. This might involve painting, staining, and other decorative features that will attach the decorative element to the furniture. The designed art can be displayed at the hotel or local art gallery 

Outdoor Seating  and Landscaping 

Unused hotel furniture can find a new purpose outdoors. This is a great way to add character to your hotel, in the sense that the old furniture will be a charming and distinct outlook that will place your hotel ahead of other competitors. Subjecting hotel’s old furniture to fit outdoor purposes cancel any form of puzzling experience that you might encounter when looking for what to do with hotel furniture during renovations.

You can always count on this approach to bail you out based on the two-pronged win-win nature it offers. Integrating furniture unsuitable for indoor purposes into the landscape and seating areas provides guests with more options to enjoy the surrounding ambiance in a cozy and relaxing seating space.

Using old furniture for outdoor seating and landscaping requires a few additional tips, including choosing waterproof furniture to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Another thing is the need to consider the strategic placement of the furniture in a comfortable location for guests to take advantage of the natural beauty of the hotel’s outdoor space. 

Employee or Guest Sales Event

You can use this method to deal with the crushing headache of finding what to do with hotel furniture when renovating. This is a brilliant way to sell the furniture at a discounted price to willing employees and loyal guests who seize the opportunity to acquire the furniture at a fraction of the retail price.

The process of holding this type of sales event is relatively simple. The hotel management decides on the furniture they want to sell. They should also consider the market demand, and its present condition. Once these decisions have been taken, they should set the price for the furniture. The price should be lower than the retail cost but high enough to make a profit.

The following agenda should be the event promotion. This can be done by emailing employees and selecting loyal customers, flyers, and other means of advertisement. This event is a win-win for everyone involved. The hotel recoups some renovation costs and gets free promotions to new guests while employees and the selected guests enjoy discounted prices on furniture purchases.

Collaborative Workspace 

In the era of remote work and gig economy where people are looking for an excellent spot to get their things done, collaborative workspaces have become increasingly common. Hotels can transform their old furniture into creative workstations where freelancers and entrepreneurs can work comfortably.

One way to create a stylish and functional workspace is by transforming some selected sofas, chairs, stools, beanbags, and tables into a variety of sitting options that are perfect for the needs of remote workers and creative bigwigs. You can also add personality and style to this space with accent pieces.

There is also the need to add some touch of greenery that makes the space more inviting and relaxed. And finally, integrate technology such as touchscreen tables, whiteboards, and projectors to create an interactive and productive environment that caters for travellers’ and guest’s changing needs and contemporary uses. 


Dealing with existing furniture doesn’t have to be rocket science when renovating a hotel. The creative solution for this problem is enshrined in the appraisal of sustainable solutions that benefits both the environment and their communities.

Another thing is the creative approach that showcases the hotel’s commitment to innovative ways of enhancing guests’ experience. In the ever-changing hospitality industry, the opportunities to turn hotel renovation challenges into memorable and impactful transformation is as important as other aspects of hotel management.

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