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What Types of Beds Do Hotels Use?

hotel bed

Well-cushioned and befitting hotel beds are vital in guests’ comfort and business perspectives. Visitors look out for hotels to lodge, especially to seek comfort by passing out their night or other forms of pleasure.

The hotel has different kinds of beds ranging from standard to luxury ones that are classified to meet the convenience of every guest coming into the hotel.

The importance of these diverse types of hotel beds can not be overemphasized because any hotel bereft of these essential varieties automatically fails at the hospitality business code.

This isn’t good for business, which often resorts to reducing patronage and stunting the business growth of the hotel. A comfortable bed will give the customer a good experience during their stay in the hotel.

This article provides complete insight into the concept and types of hotel beds.

hotel bed

Common Bed Sizes in Hotel Rooms

Hotel beds are in various sizes to cater to the different preferences of guests. The most common bed sizes in hotel rooms are King, Queen, Full, and Twin-sized beds. The king bed is the largest bed size with (80×60) 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width.

This bed type is ideal for couples or solo travelers who enjoy spacious beds. Another one is the Queen-sized bed that is smaller than a King bed, measuring (60×80) 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

The double-sized or full-sized beds measure (54×75) 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. At the same time, the twin bed is found in hotel rooms designed for children. This measure (38×75) is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.

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Types of Hotel Beds

The human wants are insatiable and, at the same time, diverse. This is the crucial philosophical framework that hotels rely upon when it comes to their different types of bed and bedding amenities.

Hotels boast different categories and types of beds, each catering to their guest’s diverse range of needs.

Standard and Luxury Mattresses

In recent times, hotels have capitalized on the varied strata of beds in terms of room classification.

Standard mattresses take center stage in this realm by manufacturing different variants from various materials that offer different features but the same functionality. The following are the types of hotel mattresses that naked up the hotel bed fixtures. 

Innerspring Mattresses

These mattresses use a system of steel coils or springs to provide support. They may have different types of padding, such as foam or fiber, on top of the coils for comfort.

Innerspring mattresses come in various firmness levels that fit perfectly into all forms of hotel bed fixtures.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to contour to the shape of your body, providing excellent support and pressure relief. They are made from viscoelastic foam that responds to body heat and weight.

This is the most popular mattress that has become a staple in hotel beds nowadays due to its exceptional functionality, durability, and affordable cost.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine innerspring coils with memory foam or latex layers. They aim to provide both support and comfort, making them a popular choice for many guests looking for that luxury feeling in the hotel.

Pillow-Top Mattresses

Pillow-top mattresses feature an additional layer of padding on top of the standard bed beneath. These layers add plushness and comfort, which can be regarded as the difference that adds that element of luxury.

Pillow-top mattresses are made of various materials, such as memory foam, latex, or fiberfill. 

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are made from natural or synthetic latex rubber. They offer good support and durability, along with a responsive feel. They can be a good choice for guests who prefer a hypoallergenic mattress.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses allow you to customize the firmness by inflating or deflating air chambers within the bed. This feature is particularly useful for couples with different firmness preferences.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have a motorized base that allows you to change the position of the head, foot, or both parts of the bed.

These beds are ideal for individuals who need personalized support for health reasons or those who want to customize their sleeping and lounging positions

Specialty Beds for Specific Needs2. 

Specialty beds are designed to meet specific needs or address health and comfort concerns.

These beds are tailored to provide individuals with a more comfortable and supportive sleeping experience based on their unique requirements. Specialty bed includes bariatric beds, hospital beds, adjustable beds, etc

Hotel Signature Beds

These are high-quality, comfortable, and luxurious beds to provide guests with a memorable sleeping experience. These hotel signature beds are created to ensure a restful and relaxing night’s sleep.

Hotel signature beds include Westin heavy bed, Marriott Revive bed, Hilton Serenity bed, and Ritz-Carlton bed.

Hotel Bed Accessories: Bedding and Linens

Hotel bedding consists of bedsheets, mattress covers, coverlets, duvets, and other elements adorn the hotel bed.

These elements add a touch of warmth, insulation, comfort, and plushness, giving the feeling of luxury while injecting an aesthetic feel to the hotel room. Here are the most common beddings you can find on the hotel bed.

Bedding and Linens


Bedsheets are known for their luxurious feel and superior quality and are classified mainly by their thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric.

Generally, a low thread count between 200-500 is often associated with softer, more durable, smoother sheets.

Plush pillows and pillowcases

A plush pillow and a soft and comfortable pillowcase can contribute significantly to a restful and relaxing night’s sleep. Plush pillows are typically filled with synthetic fibers, down alternative, or memory foam.

Some may contain a combination of materials to balance softness and support. Pillowcases are made from various materials, including cotton, Egyptian cotton, silk, satin, microfiber, and more. The choice of fabric can impact the feel and breathability of the pillowcase.

Duvets, comforters, and bedspreads

A duvet is a popular hotel bedding item used for warmth and comfort. It consists of a soft, flat bag filled with insulating materials and is typically covered with a removable duvet cover.

Duvets serve as an alternative to traditional blankets and quilts. Conversely, comforters are filled with insulation material and covered with fabric; this explains their suitability for warmth and ability to serve as a standalone bed covering.

Comforters come in different thicknesses and materials to suit different climates and preferences. Lastly, bedspreads are large, decorative covers that typically drape to the floor.

They are designed to cover the entire bed, including pillows and the box spring, and often feature intricate designs or patterns

Quality mattress protectors

A high-quality mattress protector is essential for preserving the life of your mattress, protecting it from spills, stains, allergens, and dust mites, and ensuring a hygienic sleeping environment.

This important bedding fixture is manufactured from high-quality, breathable materials like cotton, cotton blends, hypoallergenic fabrics, and waterproof membranes that aid its comfortability and cushioning properties.

Bed skirts and decorative elements

Bed skirts and decorative elements significantly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your bed and bedroom decor. They add style, texture, and a finished look to your bedding ensemble.

Bed skirts, also known as dust ruffles, are decorative fabric panels that hang down from the edge of the mattress to conceal the box spring and provide an aesthetic finish to the bed.

Maintenance and Hygiene of Hotel Bed

Hotel bed cleaning practices are an essential process that outlines the hotel bed’s proper maintenance and uncompromising hygienic standards.

This practice reinforces the sanity and cleanliness of the hotel bed to maintain the clean ethos of the hotel generally and also ensure that the beds are in a healthy state all the time.

hotel bed

Replacing Hotel Bed 

Hotel beds and bedding must be replaced once they show any sign of wear and tear. This is important to ensure that the guest can enjoy their stay and, at the same time, get value for their money.

In some cases where the hotel bed does not require total replacement, the mattress, and other bedding fixtures must be checked thoroughly not to harbor bugs or other harmful insects that may affect the guest and cause a negative reputation.

Maintaining Allergen-free Bedstate 

Most guests have seen hotel beds as a form of sanctuary and cleanliness. Therefore, hotel beds must maintain that standardized level of cleanliness to ensure that they are allergen-free.

Allergens can be in the form of pollens, dust mites, mold, biological and chemical contaminants found in the air, bed, fabrics, and all surfaces in the room are removed.

The Role of a Comfortable Hotel Bed on Guest Satisfaction and Business Return.

Quality sleep can only be achieved with a comfortable bed. This key element ensures spine alignment and optimal body functionality, triggering sound and restful sleep.

Guests are always in for comfort and ambiance. However, investment in quality hotel beds is logical and creates an excellent customer experience in physical and biological body factors.

In hindsight, a comfortable and well-cushioned hotel bed ensures customer satisfaction whereby the guest or visitors will enjoy maximum comfort in the hotel, further leading to recurring business patronage. 


Guest are aware of these ranges of beds, and this has shown in their preferences. The understanding that hotel bed shapes their level of enjoyment and sleep quality maximum during their stay in the hotel has necessitated the need for every hotelier to set aside a sizable investment in the purchase of quality and well-cushioned hotel bed.

This is a cheat code for business prosperity that will also contribute to the favorable ratings of the hotel. Additionally, the various types of hotel beds have, over the years, created an element of accomplishment for the hospitality business.

This has created an avenue of catering for all guest needs in commensuration to their pocket and personalized sleeping experience.

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